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The “hot streak” or “being in the zone” – Why it’s a myth, even though most people think that it’s real.
Columbus – He didn’t prove the world was round; that had been common knowledge for 2,000 years. So what DID he do?
Heart attack diagnosis – The longer the doctor takes, the wronger he’s likely to be.
Boston Tea Party – They didn’t impose a tax and raise the price; they removed the tax and made it cheaper. What?
Ulcers – A Nobel Prize for demonstrating what pig farmers had known for decades.
3 images, 2 minutes, and one single word – The best presentation in history is made by a Marine.
Custer, Captain Kidd and NBC – The same flawed plan.
The world’s population won’t even fill Texas? – How things look different when you quantify.
The “Devil’s Advocate Command” – A real military unit that may be relevant to your meeting.

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